INDIRA Buns is born as a brand of hairpins where you can find exclusive, hand-crafted pieces made with top quality materials.  They are made entirely in Spain, supporting local businesses and boosting gainful employment.


Every piece is a labor of love created by artisanal hands.


At INDIRA, we have worked hard to design a resistant and easy to use hairpin for every hair type. We have managed to create an indispensable hair accessory so you can finally say goodbye to scrunches and plastic hairpins that damage your  hair.


Thanks to an assortment of models, you can find a hairpin for every occasion with the possibility of creating your own unique design.


Love and devotion to our clients is what drives IINDIRA forward with confident steps.


Since 2012 INDIRA buns – a revolution for your hairstyle.

Our workshop

Our workshop we work with metal casting and oven glazes to create our forks in their entirety.

In it, the entire manufacturing chain is developed, consisting of:


Every new season we introduce new models. We design them with love and  the new graphic technology.


Molds are made with laser.


Mold Is made with resin. We full ir with zamak*

Metal injection

The liquid metal takes the shape of the mold to create the decorative brooch.
The rest of the fork is made with laser techniques.

Welding the fork

Union of the decorative clasp with the fork with welds at high temperatures.

Color bath

Thanks to special machines, we give the final color to the fork.


We paint with care the pieces that require it and we take them to oven to fix the colors.


We offer a product with an impeccable finish, resist water and 1 year warranty on enamel and welding.

* Zamak is a zinc alloy with aluminum, magnesium and copper.

This material can be injected (by cold or hot chamber and by centrifugation), another possible process is the melting in shell earth. It is a cheap material, it has good mechanical strength and plastic deformability, and good castability.

It can be chromed, painted and machined.

Lately it has become very fashionable as part of costume jewelery; to despite not having the same appearance as steel, it has enough resistance and does not it gets dirty like silver.

It is common to see it be part of leather bracelets. Only a loss is appreciated of brightness with the passage of time.